ALM Strimmer Spool and Line Reflex


ALM Strimmer Spool and Line Reflex

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This spool and line is an easy fitting design that can be fitted by the user so there is no need for costly repairs. Fits Black and Decker reflex models.

ALM Manufacturing BD032 Spool & Line to Fit Black & Decker Trimmers Reflex A6481 ALMBD032

Spool and line fits Black and Decker Reflex machines (single line models) GL30 GL120/C GL280 GL301 GL340 GL420C GL420XC GL423C GL425C/S/SC/XC GL430C/S/SC GL530 GL540 GL544 GL544C GL545 GL545C/SC GL547 GL550 GL555XC GL560 GL560PXC GL570/C GL580/C GL2500 GLC120 GLC2000 GLC2500 GLC3000.

Grass Hog (single line models) GH400 GH500 GH600 GH700 GH1000 CST1000 CST2000 NST2018 ST6600 ST7000 ST7500 ST7700. Compares to A6481 806856-50 597843 AF-100.

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