Coal Bunker Fire Fret Fire Grate & Ashpan Bundle Deal 3


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Coal Bunker Fire Fret Fire Grate & Ashpan Bundle Deal 3

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A traditional fireside package consisting of a Fire Fret Fire Grate and an Ashpan.


This fireside package that offers three of the main components you will need to have a fantastic looking and very functional safe fireplace in your home.


Product Info:


Harlequin 150kg Plastic Coal Bunker


Designed for the storage of coal slack wood and peat briquettes. For a detailed product description please see the Coal Bunkers category in the Garden section of our website.




Height: 67.3cm
Width: 60.3cm
Length: 77.5cm
Capacity: 150kg


Deville Castle 16 Inch Fire Fret


The Deville Castle 16 Inch Fire Fret is made to suit 16″ fires.




Height: 19cm
Width: 40cm


16 Inch Stool Grate


This is the most essential component of your fire. This grate has 4 legs. It is extremely robust made from a high quality casting and is more than capable of withstanding everyday use.




Width: 15 Inches
Tapered Width: 10.75 Inches
Depth (Front to Back): 10 Inches


Round Tower 16 Inch Ash Pan


This ash pan is used to collect the ash under your solid fuel fire and is designed to make removal of your ash safe and efficient. Always double check the dimensions of the ash pan before purchasing to make sure it is suitable for your fire.




Height: 5.1cm
Width: 28cm
Depth (Front to Back): 22cm


Please note that these are measurements of the main ash pan body. The flange at the top of the ash pan adds and extra half inch all round.

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