18 Inch Stool Fire Grate


  • Heavy cast iron
  • Suitable for solid fuel
  • Available in 2 sizes


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18 Inch Stool Fire Grate

The 18 inch stool fire grate is made from sturdy cast iron, suitable for burning solid fuels such as coals, logs or smokeless fuels.  This fire grate has 4 legs allowing it to stand freely in the fireplace opening.  It is part of our large collection of Fire Grates and Fireside Accessories.  The 18 Inch Stool Fire Grate is a classic fire grate and is an essential component for any open fireplace.

The 18 Inch Stool Fire Grate fits a standard 18 inch fire opening.  This grate has a simple design with a raised bowed front to stop your fuel falling forward.  It is extremely robust made from a high quality casting and is more than capable of withstanding heavy everyday use.

Width: 432mm (17 Inches)
Depth: 305mm (12 Inches)
Tapered Width: 279mm (11 Inches)

Please note that the size mentioned in the title of this grate may not necessarily reflect the size of the item.  Please check the dimensions of this grate.  These quality pieces are manufactured to last but always remember to start off with a small solid fuel fire to begin with to temper the metal.

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