Temo Bi (4 Packs)


Non poisonous glue for trapping rats

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Product Description

It is non-inflammable, absolutely nonpoisonous, inalterable, odourless. It can be used safely anywhere.  Temo Bi becomes a deadly trap when applied to pieces of hardboard, plywood, wood or similar, eventually with pieces of cheese, bread, lard, etc.  When applied on stripes of plastic, cardboard or similar on window sills or near holes, it becomes an obstacle for lizards, ants, beetles, flies, mosquitoes, crickets, etc.  Used in agriculture it can be applied against insects in the form of a ring around plant trunks.  Temo Bi can be used in absolute safety in food stores and wherever the use of poison would be dangerous.  Traces or spots left by TEMOBI are gasoline-soluble and can be easily removed.

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