Tom Chambers Everyday Bird Station


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This Tom Chambers Everyday Bird Feeding Station is a truly elegant and practical bird feeding table, you will be sure to attract an array of avian activity into your garden while creating an attractive garden feature.
Featuring a heavy-duty pole that supports two feeding hanging feeders together with a water dish and seed tray.
The feeders can be filled with nuts or seeds, that will keep the birds healthy during the winter but don’t forget to keep them hygienic and filled when the weather warms up so that your garden continues to play host to blue tits, finches and other delightful visitors.

Key features:

  • Height 210cm tall
  • Heavy-duty pole with double bracket for supporting 2 hanging feeders
  • Feed tray for seed & nuts
  • Water tray for drinking and bathing
  • Perfect for any size garden
  • Handcrafted in Britain

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